Blind Faith

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As the new nuclear boondoggle begins, I envision a personal reactor prototype roll-out that makes use of the popularity of the film Back to the Future, by featuring a home-use nuclear power reactor that fits in the trunk of a plutonium-fueled vehicle, which can be used to feed the electrical grid when parked in the garage at home.
This Breakthrough Clean Energy innovation would create spin-off industries such as spent fuel rod recycling drop-off centers, perhaps at Wal-Mart, where consumers could spend Superfund credits issued by the Department of Energy as a win-win public-private collaboration.

This would truly be an historic, revolutionary and visionary enterprise empowering consumers as personal generators saving the planet one radioactive rod at a time.

Addiction in Indian Country

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Meth epidemic overwhelms Rosebud Indian Reservation.

Evils of Soy

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Deforestation, murder, tyranny, toxic pollution, birth defects and cancer are just some of the impacts of soy monoculture.

Clean Not Green

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Clean Not Green

Generating alternative energy, using solar cells, requires the fossil-fueled extraction of minerals and the fossil-fueled manufacture of solar panels, that are made using rare earth minerals, and that produce highly toxic materials.

Alternative energy or ‘clean energy’ from solar cells not only cannot technologically displace fossil fuel in meeting current electrical demand; it does not even reduce CO2.

To make matters worse, the toxic greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture and disposal of solar cells are 10,000-25,000 times more potent than the CO2 emissions generated from burning fossil fuel.


–Ozzie Zehner, author of Green Illusions

The Spectacle of Breaking Free

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Breaking Free from fossil fuels. The latest hoax from 350.

Michael Ratner 1943-2016

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Michael Ratner, human rights lawyer, 1943-2016.

The Creation of Discursive Monoculture

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The ulterior strategy of Avaaz as the ‘Great White Hope’ in other venues, subsequently allowed this social media marketing agency to easily herd so-called progressives to line up behind the neoliberal imperial campaigns in Libya & Syria–where Avaaz literally designed and managed the PR campaign for NATO and the US–in order to present the Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra as the good guys in ‘white helmets’. Networked psychological warfare (Netwar) is not hard to grasp; it just isn’t discussed anywhere, making Communication: The Invisible Environment.

–excerpt from The Creation of Discursive Monoculture