Inherent Goodness

I’m presently reading about the machinations of the nascent OSS and OWI in the Balkans and Near East, and their naivete compared to their counterparts in Emniyet, the NKVD, and MI6. Arrogance and bluster aside, that naivete—which is still with us—also accounts for the joyful optimism that foreigners once admired in us, even if it did puzzle them no end.

To be kind, we are raised on a comforting fantasy of inherent goodness, and nurtured on a sense of moral entitlement to what some of us recognize as harmful privileges. For our fellow citizens—forced to confront this reality, albeit painstakingly slowly—it must seem like a horrifying detour in the pursuit of happiness. For those who’ve been rudely shaken from mythical denial, it must appear to be the end of the American Dream, and in a way it is.

What I and others have tried to do through various mediums—including blogging—is to offer a glimmer of hope that a new dream is not only achievable, but is possibly more fulfilling, more rewarding, more authentic. For myself, I find pursuing that dream worthwhile, even amidst the anomie and turmoil of our decline. Our audience may seem even smaller than our resources, but those we manage to reach often make good company.


~ by Jay Taber on March 2, 2007.

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