Beyond the Obvious

Spartacus O’Neal:
It takes a lot of bad people to create evil, no?

Jay Taber:
Yes, it does. And it takes practice to turn bad situations into evil ways.

I know what you mean. Reagan and Meese had to learn the ropes murdering students in Berkeley in the 1960s before they could go on to bigger things, like running Central American death squads in the 1980s.

That’s right. Then they had to nurture all those bad people like Negroponte, so they could help spread evil worldwide in the New American Century.

And Armitage, Downing, and North—Rumsfeld and Cheney. Being bad came naturally to them, but how would they have managed to become evil incarnate without the support of Papa Bush?

It’s true. But it took many more bad people doing their part before evil could rein supreme.

Ah yes—Hamilton, Inouye, Clinton and Gore—they kept the good at bay, kept the evil ones out of jail in order for them to triumph over justice someday.

The obvious betrayal.

But it’s beyond the obvious where evil lurks, don’t you think? The bipartisan bad, the sold souls, the pragmatic professionals—working together. Manufacturing evil is hard work.

For sure. Hell isn’t created in a day; it takes persistent neglect of one’s duties to humanity. It helps to be a cynical realist.


~ by Jay Taber on June 11, 2007.

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