UN on West Papua

Human Rights defenders in Indonesia’s province of West Papua face torture, arbitrary detention, and harassment from police, military, and security forces. … Defenders working in the environmental field frequently receive threats from private actors with powerful economic interest, but are granted no protection by the police.

—UN Secretary-General Special Rapporteur Hina Jilani

~ by Jay Taber on June 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “UN on West Papua”

  1. Indonesia will never learn from the lesson they got on East Timor.

  2. No you wrong the Indonesia Military Forces and US-Australian Intelligent were doing this. You should noticed why The West-Papua Liberation Party was never claimed as terrorist from the US-Australian.

    Money is this all about. And The Parliament in Jakarta also received this HOT! money. I believe West-Papua should really claim their freedom, as they never really taste what freedom feels like. 17 Agustus 1945 never reached them ’till this day. But their blood and natural resources always feed those who have the power.

    And, now. The foreigner also want to suck their blood.

    “Politik, Bisnis, Birokrasi, Mafia dan Darah.”

  3. http://phoenixblood.wordpress.com/

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