Tough Questions

Sometimes when searching for answers to tough problems, it helps to ask tough questions. In the case of reorganizing New College of California, most alumni would prefer that the school remain open, but with entirely new trustees, many new administrators, and some new faculty. Additionally, they would like to see the school put on a sound financial footing, while core programs continue throughout the months and years it will likely take to achieve these objectives. But is that possible?

Given the precarious financial and administrative circumstances — where bouncing paychecks and faculty layoffs are a recurring problem — is it realistic, or ethical, to continue recruiting students to a dysfunctional academic environment in order to fund the school’s painful transition from their tuition? Or should the school close, reorganize, and then reopen when it can in good conscience promote itself as a bona fide institution of higher learning?

We think the answer’s clear.


~ by Jay Taber on July 25, 2007.

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