Full On Con

The WASC response team announced by the New College board of trustees on Thursday July 26 ran into a brick wall on Friday July 27. Turns out the much-touted appointments have no more legitimacy than the trustees themselves—which is to say, none. In fact, the two faculty selected by the board to represent the 150 instructors on the school’s four campuses are representative of nothing more than themselves. As we learned Friday afternoon, core faculty on the Santa Rosa campus were not even aware a response team was being selected, let alone to represent their interests without their involvement.

To make matters worse, the faculty only learned of the board’s shenanigans from their students who read of this latest fraud on the SSOS website. To say the professors were embarrassed is an understatement.

We can only imagine the letter they are planning to send to WASC.

WASC Response Team:

Dr. Greg Tanaka (Pacific Oaks College)
Dr. Martina Ayala (Pacific Oaks College)
Dr. Francisco Leite (UNAES ­ University Center of Campo Grande)
Prof. Adam Cornford (New College Poetics Program)
Prof. Stephanie Adraktas (Core Faculty, New College School of Law)


~ by Jay Taber on July 28, 2007.

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