Bamboozling Buddies

While it in no way diminishes the responsibility of the New College board of trustees for the current accreditation crisis, they themselves are not the primary authors of the bogus narrative crafted to bamboozle the accrediting agency WASC. For that we had to dig a little deeper.

As it turns out, the principle schemer in that devious endeavor was sometime New College administrator and sometime Associate Dean of New York Law School, Matthew Wilkes. Wilkes, along with New College president Martin Hamilton and trustee Peter Gabel, is also a board director of the Arlene Francis Foundation, one of New College of California’s landlords.

Mr. Wilkes has come to New College frequently to author responses to several WASC sanctions and letters, most prominently, the response in 2005. He also is the person who created the “dummy” governance structure that was all but dismantled once New College got off warning. He currently is working in the administration of New College examining and documenting matters of assessment, planning, governance, and communication.

~ by Jay Taber on July 29, 2007.

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