On to Victory

New College Independent Alumni/ae Association

Let’s review:

First we launched our own investigation. We conducted extensive research and education, shared our information online and in private meetings, and provided leads to local media.

Next we consulted with our members before issuing demands. We discussed them thoroughly online, on the phone, and in person. We then delivered those demands to the board and to the media.

Demand number one was the resignation of the entire board of trustees. Number two was a full investigation into criminal wrongdoing by the board and administration.

Since issuing these demands, we forced the board to hold a public hearing, we forced the board to back down from Gabel’s no accreditation proposal, and we forced Hamilton’s resignation.

Now it’s time to force out the Gabel cronies in their entirety. The letter from WASC supports such a move toward democratic governance 100%.

The cronies still on the New College board of trustees include:

Peter Gabel
Martin Hamilton
Agar Jaicks
Luis Molina
Colleen O’Neal
Cathrine Sneed
James Sweeney

As a first step in democratizing the school, all these trustees must resign. Maybe more. Then, once we establish a democratically-selected board of trustees, further housecleaning can begin, including administrative reappointments and policy redevelopment.

We already have a de facto working group, authentically representative of the ad hoc coalition. That working group can and should disseminate our list of demands, followed by community action in support of those demands.

On to Victory!


~ by Jay Taber on August 6, 2007.

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