Cataclysmic Consequences

One of the things that concerns us as the American Dream becomes a living nightmare, is the hysterical reaction to ecosystem collapse that it engendered. Perhaps more properly called mercantilist madness, this insatiable mindset has apparently reached apocalyptic proportions. Indeed, if we are to believe recent allegations of forest fires set by arsons across Greece to open up previously preserved lands for development, the insanity of bottom-line culture has already gone beyond reproach.

Accepting for the moment that mankind is in the process of committing mass suicide through consumerism, we have yet to deal with inter-society relationships as we devour the planet’s resources at a maddening rate.

Even within a seemingly pitiful present and forlorn future, we still have to negotiate distribution of these resources, political power, and narratives of species decline. We can either opt for making amends as best we can, or continue seeking scapegoats in the messengers and keepers of conscience who fought and forewarned of cataclysmic consequences.

~ by Jay Taber on August 29, 2007.

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