Consuming Women

In Myths and Facts About Prostitution, we learn that legalization amounts to state-sponsored sexual violence against women and children already traumatized by incest, rape, and poverty. We can only assume the misguided defense by progressives of an industry based on the brutal abuse of human rights has more to do with the thoughtless depravity of our culture than it does with thoughtful reflection. Then again, the moral theatrics industry has been known to regularly undermine human freedoms whenever it suited its philanthropic supporters.

~ by Jay Taber on October 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “Consuming Women”

  1. an old professor of mine recently wrote a book about this-

  2. Here’s another important book on the topic:

  3. I have never understood “progressives” who think prostitution, aka “sex work”, is OK. While I don’t believe in arresting prostitutes, allowing them to be preyed upon with government blessings is a travesty. It’s good to hear another voice of reason.

  4. This website is most informative:

  5. Thanks for your post. I just wrote one about what it means when such brutality is “normalized” by virtue of simply being used on a regular basis…when in fact it ought to be regarded still as beyond the pale. I am providing the link in case you are interested.

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