Friends Helping Friends

In the spring of 2006, Jay Taber began to generate interest in establishing an independent, applied research learning center in San Francisco, in order for experienced investigative researchers to pass on their skills and knowledge to another generation.

The primary function of the center would be in the field of communication: learning to present ideas and information in the most effective format applicable to a targeted audience. Students of the center would learn by doing projects they select and design within the framework of a proposed, reviewed, and accepted application.

Using expert researchers as guest instructors, advisors, and distance-learning faculty, students would be mentored on how to plan a project, conduct the research, write up the results, and disseminate their analysis in varying formats for different venues. These skills would then be built on in studies, seminars, and exercises designed to examine the uses of communication devices in psychological warfare, in which students would create products based on the information acquired in their initial research project.

An intermediate project to opening a brick and mortar establishment would be to interview and record these researchers for later editing in anticipation of making the lessons they’ve learned available online, and might very well comprise the initial task of the center’s digital library archive.

Inquiries and offers of assistance with this proposal are now being solicited.


~ by Jay Taber on October 17, 2007.

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