Prize for Buffoonery

There are many pitfalls in the moral theatrics industry, and heaven knows New College of California fell into most of them, but perhaps the most ludicrous waste of time and prestige was the pious posturing around making a phony bid to manage the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Not that sending the school president to Brazil to sign a joint operating agreement with a college in the Amazon, or buying a failing movie theater in San Francisco — all while the core programs of the school were crumbling from neglect — wasn’t stupid enough, but somehow, pretending the perpetually-on-probation trustees of New College were capable of managing a stockpile of plutonium, would seem to claim the prize for buffoonery.

I think I’d prefer a Bechtel subcontract with the Russian mafia.


~ by Jay Taber on November 11, 2007.

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