Old News

I remember when I was a New College work/study student in 2001-2, we would find boxes of students’ records, theses, and portfolios in closets under piles of junk to be thrown out, under buildings in crawl spaces covered with plastic sheeting, and in various buildings around town used for temporary storage.

There is simply no way under those conditions (and they have gotten worse), that a competent grant writer could prepare proposals, let alone work/study students used by the school in order to avoid paying a professional (like all other colleges) to do the work.

I also remember when WASC once sent over experienced volunteers to assist the school in putting information together so the school could avoid yet another round of probation, and the volunteers shaking their heads at the inability of paid staff to produce basic data to help them. After many warnings to put things in order over the past decade, warnings that were blown off by the trustees, WASC finally had to call a halt to the leniency they’d shown the school in the past.

There was just no other way of getting the school to show its students, alumni/ae, faculty and other employees the respect they deserved. As for the U.S. Department of Education, they could hardly be expected to stand idly by while the trustees defrauded the federal financial aid programs.

None of this, as I say, is new or news. It is all documented on SSOS in the downloads of WASC and DOE letters and reports.


~ by Jay Taber on January 13, 2008.

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