Conspicuous Collusion

Why did WASC allow New College of California trustees to rip off students and the US Treasury for the last fourteen years? We know the cover story of respecting diversity and not wanting to harm the school’s poverty counseling programs, but other schools have public benefit programs without defrauding their students in order to pay for them. So why did WASC allow this to go on for so long?

Reading the WASC reports from the early 1990s to the present, it is clear they understood the predatory nature of the school, not to mention the gross incompetence of its personnel, the combination of which amounted to a massive fraud. They in fact detailed these shortcomings while at the same time renewing the school’s accreditation, essentially stamping it with the oversight agency’s seal of approval.

We’re not suggesting that there was active and covert collusion between the two bodies, but the end result was the same as if they had. Now that New College alumni are being turned down by employers and graduate schools for missing or improper records, someone needs to be held accountable.


~ by Jay Taber on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Conspicuous Collusion”

  1. Having just read the most recent WASC team report from November, while those who authored the report were critical throughout and repeatedly wary of another “list of promises” to appease WASC, it’s also stunning how they focused almost entirely on academics and mentioned administrative problems and even more suprising, barely made reference to the allegations of malfeasance in the handling and lack of recordkeeping of financial aid loans. WASC can and should be taken to task for this, however I’m waiting a few more days to hear what the Commission Action on the report will be. Anything short of a show cause to terminate accreditation at this point, if they give New College one more chance after the most superficial of “plans” without barely a mention of financial investments appearing out of nowhwere to rescue what’s left of the school…. one might just as well assume the whole system is corrupt.

  2. New College just lost its accreditation today. In the notice, WASC admitted the situation has gone on for thirty years, and that despite the failure to meet standards of higher ed throughout that time frame, they issued accreditation that falsely assured the public and students that their degrees would be worthy of credit. Now WASC is telling us that our degrees are worthless.

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