Personal Responsibility

Each and every one of the New College of California trustees had a legal obligation as guardians of a charitable trust to protect the well-being of the institution and those it
served, as well as to the public that relied on its integrity. Given that not one trustee stepped forward to warn the public and prospective students of the calamity means they all betrayed that public trust. As a trustee of City College of San Francisco and State Chair of the Association of Community College Trustees, Rodel Rodis was in a unique position to know better and to do something about it.

But not one New College trustee ever took it upon themselves to communicate with the thousands of alumni adversely affected by the malfeasance that took place on their watch, nor has any trustee ever publicly called for an investigation into criminal wrongdoing as demanded by the alumni. Instead, they have provided golden parachutes to the wrongdoers and hired consultants like Matthew Wilkes to help them cover up these misdeeds.

Remind me again why each and every trustee should not be held personally responsible for this breach of trust?


~ by Jay Taber on March 2, 2008.

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