White Man’s Burden

In this Time/CNN article, we get a glimpse of the type of psychological warfare we can expect as the transnational corporate pals of Western media intensify their looting of the African continent. With approximately half the world’s unmined minerals, ores, and fossil fuels located there, we can also anticipate Western governments to continue pouring ever more armaments into the hands of gangster heads of state in order to assure that pro-democracy and self-determination movements of Fourth World nations are thoroughly crushed.

Not that Western media has ever refrained from promoting white supremacy; it’s just become more subtle and brazen. How else could they keep a straight face suggesting former colonies, founded on slavery by brutal empires, were a benign influence on the bedrock aboriginal nations forced into the subjection of colonially-constructed modern states?


~ by Jay Taber on March 17, 2008.

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