Noble Exchange

Philosophy is an under-appreciated offering, often taken for granted. Discerning ideas that assist the less logically-minded in coming to terms with life are essential elements of maintaining mental health, but philosophers generally receive little credit. While it is not an uncommon complaint that people don’t have time to think, acknowledgment of those who do take the time and effort is exceedingly rare.

Those who are able and willing to sort things out and then share their reasoned conclusions with others are frequently sought out for informal advice, yet the view that this contribution to society — like other trades — deserves both recognition and compensation is almost unheard of. Most natural philosophers outside academia would be shocked if rewarded for their trouble.

Indeed, intellectuals in general are becoming a rare species, as emotions are regularly flattered at the expense of intelligence. The lucidity needed to adapt to the constantly changing nature of existence is unfortunately an uncommon attribute; perhaps those who daily benefit from the influence of philosophers are simply unconscious of this noble exchange.


~ by Jay Taber on June 9, 2008.

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