Certifiably Insane

Anyone who isn’t brain dead knows Christian fundamentalists are nuts. So nuts they’ll sacrifice anything for their delusions. The economy, the environment, the future—no matter; what matters is their extraterrestrial fantasy, and to hell with anything else.

Given this maniacal mindset afflicting millions of Americans, we should, I suppose, count ourselves lucky that visceral fanatics like Dick Cheney haven’t managed to completely override the bureaucrats in service to our national security state. What he has managed, though, is to purge the most sane of civil servants from the highest levels of the federal bureaucracy, military, and judiciary.

Is this bureaucratic reality something we want inherited by a certifiably insane chief executive? Even God won’t be able to help us with John McCain in the Oval Office.


~ by Jay Taber on June 12, 2008.

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