Continuity of Cohesion

As Mirjam Hirch notes in Choosing Life Over Money, community cohesion is indeed key to human health. I especially like her phrase about environmental surroundings shaping our minds.

One aspect of community cohesion I’ve found essential is maintaining memory, and communicating that memory of community values in public venues where it can be regularly refreshed and revitalized. This continuity of cohesion is formalized in all tribal societies, and its absence in a community makes that community vulnerable.

Forming community protector societies for this purpose is found in American environmental education organizations like Audubon, but there is a profound lack of support in the US for the intellectual continuity required to provide similar protection from attacks waged against community cohesion. A community’s independent researchers, analysts and activists are also a vital component of a community’s wellbeing.


~ by Jay Taber on August 17, 2008.

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