Staying Stupid

With all the opportunities to become informed today, staying stupid is no small feat. Religious indoctrination and political propaganda aside, it takes considerable effort to maintain stupidity in the face of clear scientific evidence.

One of the communicative tools used in sustaining stupidity on topics like climate change, carcinogenic products, or radioactive waste, is mockery. Mockery is easy to learn, fun to practice, and forms a readily identifiable social milieu that fulfills the need to belong.

Mockery is also value neutral, and thus adaptable to any cluster of stupid people, liberal and conservative alike. While commonly identified as a fascist characteristic, mockery is frequently engaged in by progressives, thus providing a nexus for them to bond with fascists in mocking more authentic people. What some of the stupid like to call win-win.


~ by Jay Taber on November 27, 2008.

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