Living on the Margins

As the generation born in the aftermath of World War II faces a dour senior citizenship, community organizing could take on a whole new look. Bereft of resources for social services due to bipartisan looting of the federal treasury, government agencies can no longer be relied on for domestic humanitarian support. Hunger and homelessness will soon decimate millions of unemployable seniors already living on the margins of society.

Last time we faced such dire circumstances, the working poor and neglected veterans raised havoc in the streets, threatening the foundation of our corrupt market society. To defuse this menacing threat to the aristocracy, FDR threw a few bones to the desperate, but the institutionalized system of widespread poverty remained in tact.

Today, politically illiterate Americans are once again facing social disintegration and personal disaster, only this time there is no mayhem putting the fear of retribution in the minds of the American aristocracy. Until that threat becomes real, no change will happen in our country, no matter how much the faithful hope it to be so.


~ by Jay Taber on December 15, 2008.

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