Take a Stand or Be Run Over

The pattern seems to be set for Obama: empty promises, lofty prose. Try to please everyone, and succeed with no one. Endorse multiculturalism on Arab TV, and ship weapons to Israel. Support equality for homosexuals, and invite a homophobe to give the inaugural invocation. Restore some services to the desperately poor, and renege on the promise of National Health Care.

Obama, like many Ivy League politicians, has been groomed to deliver soothing bromides and pious platitudes, all the while delivering the goods to his corporate masters.

While we expected this with Reagan, Clinton and Bush, Obama has been invested with the expectation of hope and change. As America falls apart, bold action is required–not conciliatory sweet talk. Soon, Obama is going to have to take a stand or be run over.


~ by Jay Taber on January 29, 2009.

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