Brokering Ethnic Cleansing

Fourth World genocide today — as in centuries past — involves real estate brokerage, political patronage, and a barrage of bromides. In the past, ethnic cleansing of continents held promise as a civilizing influence on the landscape and the natives who inhabited it. Taming nature, if you will.

Today, it is the preservation of nature in its wild state — without the natives, of course — that tops the agenda of civilized societies.

In the future, the wild savages — now known as tribal peoples and aboriginals — should the brokers like The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund have their way, will exist only in museums. It is the inevitable outcome of Free Market environmentalism, the predetermined result of commodifying nature. Brokering ethnic cleansing is just too big a business to leave room for Indigenous societies.


~ by Jay Taber on February 10, 2009.

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