An Uncommon Commitment

All of us, at the end of our journey, get called before our maker to account for our lives. Most of us have some regrets.

Many of us, along the way, are called to account for some of these regrets before our peers. Some of us in the public eye.

While some of us are called to account behind closed doors, few of us are brought before inquisitions, where our accusers comprise also judge and jury. For these few, enduring official harassment and public excoriation becomes a battle for one’s soul; public lynching by boot-licking media is an ordeal experienced by a rare breed.

Given these impediments to doing one’s duty, it is no surprise that compliance is more common than, say, whistle-blowing. Standing up to official corruption, knowing that brutal retaliation will be mustered, is rare indeed.

Perry Mills is no Katherine Gunn, she a revealer of high crimes, he merely an expositor of petty theft. Yet, the professor and the translator have something in common, and that is a commitment to institutional integrity in their places of employment. An uncommon commitment.


~ by Jay Taber on May 31, 2009.

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