First-Class Spectacle

While it’s true that those who have the gold rule, you’d think with all that gold they could afford better actors. I mean, instead of Ronald Reagan, why not Robert Redford? Instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, why not Danny Devito?

I guess it all comes down to cost effectiveness. Why buy a real talent when you can get the goods by hiring a hack?

With all the demands on their cold hard cash, the extravagance of quality political theatre eats into their fun money. Keeping democracy down in the media and academia, on top of everything else the aristocracy has to deal with, leaves little room for the luxury of first-class spectacle. Besides, all consumers really want is another father figure to tell them it’ll be all right; they don’t care if that’s Ross Perot or Barack Obama.


~ by Jay Taber on July 25, 2009.

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