Lethal Ways

While it might be true that simpletons abound, thus making it relatively simple to rule, the tools of psychological warfare stand ready should the need arise. For the rulers who financed President Obama, however, total control of mass communication — as in China — isn’t necessary. They merely have to insert a few progressive buzzwords into his speeches, and his followers swoon. Once mesmerized, these wishful thinkers are simple to manipulate into defending their Messiah, no matter how many times he betrays their trust. With a now perfect record of hypocrisy on all issues of importance, the only opposition rising is likely to be the millions thrown out of work, homes, and society by his support for scandalous schemes. If history is any lesson, some of those millions are bound to vent their rage in unpleasant, even lethal ways.

~ by Jay Taber on July 28, 2009.

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