Extinction of Nations

As almost all modern states are the result of sixteenth century colonialism,  they are institutionally oriented toward the extinction of aboriginal nations. In this video, Mi’kmaw associate professor Dr. Bonita Lawrence discusses the history of the regulation of indigenous civilizations in Canada through the control of native identity.


~ by Jay Taber on September 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Extinction of Nations”

  1. So, just how many websites do you run, Jay? 😀 Actually, I just want to thank you for helping to raise some earlobes. I’ve been very frustrated over the last couple years about the widespread lack of interest when it comes to talking about this. It’s strange, but most NGO’s and activists can’t even be bothered (unless they can get something out of it, I’m sorry to say). Anyways, thank you!

  2. Twelve, I think. Mostly so I can set a tone that suits my various frames of mind. Also so I can focus in depth if necessary without boring readers who want more variety. I have simple requirements for those who I’ll work with or even waste my breath on: I help those who are fighting back, but never try to talk anyone into doing that. That way I’m more likely to establish a worthwhile relationship. Mostly I correspond with people who have the ability to influence public opinion effectively, which pretty much rules out pious careerists. Sometimes the connections I make come as pleasant surprises.

  3. Well, good on you for keeping yourself so organized. Can’t handle more than one, myself (I’ve tried, lol). I appreciate your approach too, and your perspective. If you ever want to talk or share some constructive feedback I’ve love to hear it.

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