Mission of Madness

Securing a system of inequality in order to maintain the machinery of insanity, as expressed by much of federal policy in the United States, requires a constant replenishing of resources and influx of individuals to threaten and intimidate concerned citizens. Were it not so, those who continue to plunder the public purse and waste our wonderful world would not invest so much in media madness and the attendant spear-carriers for unearned wealth and privilege.

As a method of preventing free and open inquiry,  suppressing democratic dissent and punishing good faith participation in developing public policy is accomplished mostly without the aid of police. Instead, the mobilization of malcontents and use of vigilantes as a political pressure group are much more effective. In combination, the noise they are able to create through symbiotic media enables them to shout or scare the sensible out of the public arena. When the kind and caring are thus removed, governments and corporations founded on dominance and theft are free to pursue further acts of destruction.

In today’s world of globalized markets and militaries, this arrangement between elitists and opportunists not only plays to fear and greed, but also mainstreams suicidal schemes supported by religious hysteria. The fact that the spear-carriers — be they militias or millenarians — are oblivious to the manipulation of their fears to hate and seek revenge against opponents of oligarchy, does little to diminish the horrible impact they have. Once they have committed to this mission of madness, no crime against humanity or act of natural despoliation is too great; genocide and ecocide do not deter them.


~ by Jay Taber on May 27, 2011.

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