Abuse of Authority

The FBI Witch Hunt against anarchists, as I observed in my letter to Leah-Lynn Plante — who was railroaded into prison yesterday by a federal grand jury prosecutor — is the logical escalation of the U.S. Department of Justice abuse of authority initiated four years ago against Quakers and other peace activists just prior to the national political party conventions of the Democrats and Republicans. As I noted in my letter today to Leah-Lynn, it appears a key objective of the earlier FBI raids against Quakers was to set the stage for isolating the anarchists as undesirables nobody would care about. In kind of a reverse psychology to the conventional Gestapo technique of attacking the most marginalized element of society first, it seems the national security apparatus targeted the more acceptable peace activists first in order to prevent them from joining a support network for anarchists later.

Whatever the psychological warfare strategy of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the fact is that a number of anti-war activists and other young people who oppose the 1% police state under President Obama are now in federal detention facilities for the crime of reading and writing about abuse of authority.  While most of us will never have our doors kicked in by federal SWAT teams because of the books we read, the fact that the United States Government is conducting a witch hunt against young people who no longer believe in our political or economic system should be of concern.

As I observed in my letter to Leah-Lynn, the college where I worked as a library assistant had some of the books she likely read, and we never once had the doors kicked in by a SWAT team, even though many of our students wore black, and had tatoos as well as piercings. Allowing the Department of Justice to treat young people as criminals because they espouse a philosophy accusing the government of systematic criminal enterprise is a neglect of our duties as citizens we can ill afford.


~ by Jay Taber on October 11, 2012.

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