About Friends

Friends of Spartacus is a personal project of Jay Taber, administrative director at Public Good Project and recipient of the Defender of Democracy award. He has participated as a featured speaker at national human rights conferences, and has been published in international human rights journals and magazines.

Jay is the author of five books including War of Ideas, the editor of Skookum, an online journal of the American psyche in transition, and creator of the Continuity Initiative. In addition to contributing a regular column at Intercontinental Cry, he writes as a correspondent to Fourth World Eye, a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies.

In a previous life, he worked as a sea captain in the coastal fisheries from Cook Inlet to Puget Sound, and has many fond memories of storytelling with American Indians, Nordic and Croatian fishermen. He now spends considerable time mentoring writers, scholars, journalists, and community organizers throughout the English-speaking world.

(You can listen to Jay speak about the Fourth World and the Fourth Estate here. e-mail: tbarj@yahoo.com)

[ The artwork in the header is from a poster by Kevin Red Star selected for the 1998 American Indian Film Festival, and is available for purchase here ]


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