Jurisdictional Dispute

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The Standing Rock Sioux tribe cleaned up at the UN, gaining the support of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on the right to peaceful assembly under international law. Meanwhile, state police and national guard continue to use “rubber bullets, teargas, mace, compression grenades and bean-bag rounds.”


Transition Forecast

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Trump agenda.

American Indians

Civil Rights




Utter social breakdown.

American Purgatory

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Commander-in-Chief, thanks to Obama, is now synonymous with emperor. President Trump–whose reign was made possible by elite Democrats–will act accordingly. As will Vice President Pence–a Christian supremacist–whom Trump said will be in charge of both foreign and domestic policy, including the ‘enemies list’.



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Tomorrow’s terrorism won’t be the same as yesterday’s. Someday, we’ll look back at random bombings as horrific but quaint.

With the ability of any group in the world with profound grievances to do damage to computer systems anywhere, our tech-dependent society is doomed.

For example, rather than cafe bombings in Paris, the future portends the sabotage of nuclear power plants across France, with catastrophic consequences.

Only on NPR

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Under the I Knew It! category, this news about scientific evidence linking extreme poverty and mental disorders has to be a game-changer. Imagine, poverty causes depression. Who’d have thought?

Family Values

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Elder abuse comes in various forms, psychological and physical abuse being the most well-known, with financial exploitation a close third. Ironically, in my family, psychological and physical abuse was inflicted on my mother by my father. Now, after my mother passed away from Parkinson’s and the neglect of my father, my father is being financially exploited by my youngest sister, her husband, and their son.

A while back, my sister and her husband stole $100,000 from him, when they reneged on paying back a loan they used to invest in commercial real estate. Now, after failing to get him to sign over the deed to his home, their son has convinced him to transfer money to him from his investment account that he reserved for assisted living care in his old age.

My sister’s son and his wife have moved into his home, and take his wallet without permission to shop and travel, yet do not take care of him, necessitating the employment of a professional caregiver, while they live on his money. Unfortunately, the law is no help, since my now ninety-one-year-old father is still mentally competent, although emotionally vulnerable.

Green Party Delusions

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The irony of Kevin Gosztola’s satire on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is that it isn’t. He may very well think so, but the reality is that Stein–like former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader–is running a campaign that benefits the Republican candidate. Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, despite her serious flaws, because he understands the consequences of putting a white nationalist supporter in the Oval Office. Gosztola apparently doesn’t.