Impeaching President Hillary

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While the tabloids report the latest exchanges between the two faces of evil dominating the US presidential race — one a bigot, one a fascist — the question foremost in my mind is this: Will a President Hillary Clinton be impeached by Congress? She and her husband could clearly be indicted for money-laundering through the Clinton Foundation, but it is doubtful a President Trump would bother.

As Harper’s reported in November, the “professionally structured money-laundering operation” Hillary and Bill have operated — illegally putting millions of dollars into their friends and their own pockets — is a major crime, one that could bring down her administration. Which means that whoever she picks for her vice presidential running mate should receive extra scrutiny by voters.

Boldly Pursuing the Truth

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Fighting back to defend democracy against the right-wing is a laudable goal that few live up to in American society. Those that do usually find themselves marginalized, often by those who pay lip service to democratic values. Paid ‘activists’ mostly engage in show business.

The evisceration of journalism by private equity media ownership is partly to blame, as liberals and conservatives alike are severely misinformed. A dearth of institutionalized mentoring, due to an absence of available resources, as well.

Hostile takeovers of the non-profit industrial complex, i.e. Amnesty International, is yet another reason. Blatant fraud among social media NGOs, created by billionaire philanthropists and the military industrial complex, i.e. Avaaz, doesn’t help.

Self-censorship and self-promotion by non-profits dependent on the financial elite, i.e. Soros, Gates, Ford and Rockefeller, creates a situation where benign neglect toward those who make the sacrifice is commonplace. A lack of generosity and reciprocity between those funded by foundations and authentic grassroots leaders is the norm rather than the exception.

Honor and respect in our country is almost non-existent. Volunteer defenders of democracy are all alone.

Consumerism teaches us to cede our duties of citizenship and unthinkingly follow celebrities, i.e. Naomi Klein, who are in bed with the financial elite. Self-organized democratic renewal in this scenario is not only unattainable, it has become unimaginable.

Mustering the courage to boldly pursue the truth and not back down is extremely rare. The 2015 Paul deArmond Citizen Journalist of the year, Sandra Robson, exemplifies these attributes, as did Paul.

Fog of War

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In Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex, Patrick Henningsen reveals ‘perception management’ by the NGO sector as ‘co-marketing’ of foreign policy objectives of the US State Department, Pentagon and NATO. As Henningsen notes, leading human rights organizations — such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch — “have become virtual clearinghouses for interventionist propaganda”.

Says Henningsen, in the Balkans, Ukraine, Syria and Yemen — where they supported regime change — “NGOs function as public relations extension to a United Nations western member Security Council bloc, namely the US, UK and France”. To successfully frame geopolitical narratives on which these NGOs derive their fundraising campaigns, the lucrative revolving door between NGOs, government and media “converge to form a highly efficient, functioning alliance”.

Underwritten by some of the world’s leading transnational corporations, these organizations have well-developed links “leading straight into the heart of the military industrial complex”. Blinded by the fog of mass media and bombarded with faux moral imperatives, public opinion is led by these NGOs into supporting western-backed rebels and terrorists “under the banner of ‘human rights’.”


John Trudell

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John Trudell, 1946-2015

Julian Bond

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Julian Bond, 1940-2015

What’s to Negotiate?

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Ideological predecessors of the Tea Party, like the John Birch Society and the White Citizens Councils, mounted fierce resistance to racial equality in the United States. Their opposition to integration of public schools and transportation in the 1950s and 1960s Civil Rights Movement could be described as nothing short of terrorism.

Today, that fierce racism of white supremacy plays out in other venues where John Birch Society and the Tea Party jointly oppose universal human rights advocated by the Indigenous Peoples Movement. One can easily track their direct influence within state-level organizations like Republican Liberty Caucus.

As white supremacy affinity organizations like Citizens Equal Rights Alliance promote termination of American Indian tribes, Tea Party, John Birch Society and Republican Liberty Caucus ideologues bring sixty years of experience in organizing hate campaigns to the racist alliance. More sophisticated than the hooded Klan of yesteryear, these modern white supremacists hide behind concocted legalisms and outdated notions of American society.

As traditional American liberals find themselves confronted by modern organized racism, it is tempting for them to resort to customary practices of diplomacy, compromise and negotiation. The problem with this well-meaning but wrongheaded approach is, What’s to negotiate?

With the liberal reforms of the 1950s-1970s long over, indeed annihilated by Reagan/Bush, the conservative investment in a white supremacy revival via the Tea Party, Religious Right and GOP is harvesting the fruits of judicial appointments like U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. One reason the Indigenous Peoples Movement in the US is steering away from the courts, and seeking diplomatic initiatives between the National Congress of American Indians and the Obama administration.

Since the liberal elite is rightly seen as hypocritical by both human rights adherents and white supremacists, the conservative elite has an advantage. There is no grassroots liberal counterpart to the Tea Party. The liberal grassroots rarely organizes for power; the conservative grassroots does nothing but. Exploring common ground with violent racists is more of that nonsensical diplomacy with people who are dead set to destroy them and their values. An examination of history shows it never works.

Liberal values have to be fought for, which means opposing conservative values, embraced since Reagan by the liberal elite. Thus, acolytes of Reagan, like Obama, and neoliberals like Hillary are unreliable allies of the liberal grassroots. Meanwhile, the conservative grassroots is a frenzied hate machine pushing the GOP toward values of the Confederacy. All of which means grassroots liberals need an organizing strategy, not a mission statement.

High Crime in Higher Ed

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Cambridge University’s money-laundering for a Ukrainian oligarch with ties to Russian gangsters is the most fun we’ve had since former President Clinton’s foundation got in bed with the daughter of the Uzbek president known for boiling his opponents alive. Now it seems the wife of said Ukraine crook, wanted for extradition by the FBI, is hobnobbing with British royalty.

Can a new Coen brothers movie be far behind?


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